Trelleborg Engineered Products

Smarter Engineering

Trelleborg’s in-house engineering capabilities provide customers with the technical expertise and know-how to design, model, fabricate and test a skirt pile gripper to ensure a high quality, custom-made, fully certified end product.

Benefit from:


Complete engineering such as 3D drawing services and calculation reports to ensure precise specification at the outset; this includes FEA simulations and studies for improved accuracy.

Expert Testing:

Full testing at Trelleborg’s in-house facility, including stress profiles, friction testing, pressure holding testing.

Fabrication & Assembly:

Enhanced quality control through complete design, testing, steel fabrication and assembly of all components in-house, including HPU, ROV panel, hydraulic cylinder and gripper body.


Our skirt pile gripper exceeds all relevant client standards and is fully DnV GL certified. All testing is verified by an external 3rd party.

Onshore & offshore support

Onshore pre-commissioning support, full lifting and installation procedures and further offshore support post-installation.

Facts and Figures: Trelleborg’s Skirt Pile Grippers

  • Holding capacity: 500MT – 2000MT
  • Pile gripper stroke: 50 – 120mm
  • Pile diameter (OD): 1,219mm (48”) – 2,743mm (108”)
  • Water depth: maximum 250m
  • Operating pressure: 200 – 250 bar
  • Operating temperature: 10 deg C – 50 deg C
  • 3 classes of pile grippers for different customer requirements